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  • DeJongh Financial Partners is a planning and leadership development firm. We recognize that relationships in business and life are central to a deep seeded trust that is earned. It is our focus to help our clients pursue financial independence and provide the means and opportunities to build a lasting legacy for their family, community and the world. We care deeply about how our clients feel and what they experience on their financial journey. In our lives and business, we practice accountability, community, integrity, character, vision, and stewardship. Our commitment is to grow our business and live our lives reflecting these principles.

    Our experienced staff works together with the Partners as a single-minded team dedicated to developing client relationships. As a leadership team we are devoted to working closely with our clients to provide a lifetime of direction in reaching their financial and life goals. We call this philosophy “Developing Partners for Life”.


    Jason Tinklenberg loves to be known as a husband, father, volunteer, mentor, and advisor along with being a golfer, water-skier, hunter and good friend. Jason believes that financial freedom is the money goal - but merely a means to a greater end. That end is a life well lived, a happy family, and a successful business or farm operation. Jason coaches successful people and businesses along the winding and often perilous path to their retirement goals. He strives to design a well engineered stewardship plan that brings true success to our finances, our time, our talents and our relationships. Jason and Julie have three children, Madelyn, Jack and Ana. He is active in church and business leadership but makes sure there is time for family, fun and friends. Jason is at his best putting together all the pieces of a financial puzzle so that leadership people can see the big picture, are challenged to work the plan and live with hope for the future.

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    Virgil D. DeJongh has a passion for strong and ethical leadership in life and in business. Recognized by his peers as a seasoned mentor, he describes himself as a farmer at heart who loves his family. Helping people grow in their life experiences and financial well being is his passion. He believes we are called by God to leadership in life and business. He further believes that leadership people welcome accountability, good counsel and the challenges to leave meaningful legacies to their families, communities, indeed the world. Following his honorable discharge as a Vietnam Veteran, Virgil was the owner of a sizable farm operation for fifteen years. In 1986, he founded and established The DeJongh Financial Group and has been recognized as a visionary leader, an award winner and keynote speaker by national financial services organizations. He and Lavonne are leaders in their church and community and celebrate the joy of their three married children and fourteen grandchildren. Virgil enjoys working in partnership with his clients, many who have become good friends. For the past thirty years Virg has created financial guidance to help protect their families and their businesses. His objective is that their lives can be lived with joy and security. True fulfillment for Virg is reflected in a legacy of a life well lived and a life that finished well.

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    Aaron Kvistero was a physical therapist for 7 years before he joined the financial services industry. He enjoys meeting, working with and helping people and had a desire to build a practice and create something for himself so the transition to his current business was a natural fit. Born and raised on a farm, Aaron's core roots and values are evident in the way he communicates with his clients. He still enjoys helping out on the family farm when he has an opportunity to. One of Aaron's greatest passions is sports and he also has a strong interest in local, national and world events. Aaron provides leadership and direction as clients go through the journey of life. His conviction for planning is demonstrated in how he guides his clients to establish goals and stay on course. Stability and financial independence is a trademark of what Aaron aims to provide for his clients. Aaron has a heart for people, understanding their needs and goals and creating a well organized and thought out plan. At the end of the day Aaron cherishes the process of listening to the people he serves, designing their financial journey and building strong long-lasting friendships in business and in life. Aaron and his wife, Shari, along with their twin boys Kalen & Rylon, live in Sioux Falls where they are active in their church and other charitable organizations, as well as their various hobbies.

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    Sheri is the Executive Assistant to Virgil D. DeJongh, President/CEO of DeJongh Financial Partners, and also serves as the Director of Operations for the firm. Sheri is a highly organized individual, a team player, and excels at completing tasks in a timely and efficient manner. She enjoys building relationships with people and assisting with the details associated with financial planning. She provides high-level administrative support to meet your specific financial needs. Sheri is a native to WA state and a graduate of Dordt College. She enjoys traveling, running, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband, Ryan, have a daughter, Kiera, and twin boys, Caleb and Joel.

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